Ryan 2015

The Art of Ryan Spiritas was, in reality, a reality. Whatever creative monster had been unleashed in the Artist came to life on the canvas…with such important works as Clock Work Orange, Color Explorer, Blue Eyes Blue, The Wink and Voodoo Man.

These Contemporary works, seen by many as “Abstract Expressionism” connotes a style of painting in which the emotional, non-objective qualities of an object are given preeminence, taking all of the brakes off of the flow of human consciousness and creativity. Spiritas the painter shows his personality through spontaneity. This being the case, his art does not consist of painting an object or image, but is instead a study in color and interplay of paint and canvas. Nonrepresentational art,
or non-objective art – that is, the artist does not attempt to capture an exact likeness from nature.

Instead, the subject of abstract painting is the painting itself. “Paint is paint and canvas is canvas – they should not pretend to be otherwise’.

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