Artist’s Statement

Art, to me, is an extension of music. Both exude vast amounts of creativity, originality and depth. Music is the inspiration for everything I do in my life and in my art. When I listen to music, I feel transported into another universe where I am free to express myself without judgement and create works that depict the world around me.

I don’t have any formal training and I believe that is the reason I am able to create. Many times artists limit themselves to boundaries set forth by others and by society. I say, “Screw the boundaries”, let’s see what happens when we venture outside the realm of possibilities and the walls built to constrain us.

When I first apply paint to my brush, I let my imagination take over. I don’t control the art. The art controls me. I let the brush direct my hand. Whatever happens, happens. Just like in music, ‘mistakes’, or shall we call it, fluidity, can turn into captivating moments which last for eternity.

I am a fun, loving, quirky and some may call me, strange individual. But then again, everybody is strange in their own way. We just have to learn to embrace each other’s uniqueness. I believe my uniqueness comes through in my art. If we were all created to think, act, look and love the same way, the world would be a very boring place.